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Mountain stats


Standard definition of mountain vertical descent is the distance between the lowest base point and the summit, but does not take into account the skiable area of the terrain in between.


*True-Up Vertical Descent is the most vertical distance that is lift served and can be skied/ridden on a continuous run without a long catwalk/ flat terrain, or the aide of a shuttle bus.



Mountain Creek

Mountain Creek offers about 200 acres of trails on 4 mountain peaks, 100% snowmaking and night skiing coverage.


Quick Stats

Summit Elevation: 1,480ft

Vertical Drop: 1,040ft

True up Vertical Descent*: 1,040ft

Snowmaking Coverage: 100%

Freestyle Area: 67 dedicated terrain (freestyle) acres, and a rail/box riding practice area

Total Trails: 44

Park Specific Trails: 12

Total Lifts: 8

Snow Tubing: 30 Full-Sized Lanes & 2 Magic Carpets

Popular Scenic Trails: The Great Northern

South Peak Park: Intermediate to Advanced features

Independence Park at Vernon Peak: Intermediate features

Bonus: Night skiing with 100% coverage; $3shots & $3 beer specials

Windham Mountain

Windham Mountain , night skiing at it’s best.


 Quick Stats

Summit Elevation: 3,100ft
Vertical Drop: 1,600ft
True up Vertical Descent*: 1,400 acres
Skiable Acreage: 289sf
Snowmaking Coverage: 80%
Total Trails: 57
Terrain Parks: 5
Total Lifts: 12
Longest Run: 3.1 miles
Popular Scenic Trail: Wanderer
Bonus: 8 Lanes of Snowtubing and the best Night Skiing on the East.

Hunter Mountain

Hunter Mountain Huntah! Get to the best terrain park closest to NYC.


 Quick Stats

Summit Elevation: 3,600ft

Vertical Drop: 1,900ft

True up Vertical Descent*: 1,520ft

Snowmaking Coverage: 80%

Total Trails: 58

Total Lifts: 9

Longest Run: 3.1 miles

Popular Scenic Trail: Belt Parkway

Bonus: Take a break from the trails and hit the Zipline.

Mount Snow

Mount Snow , Vermont’s closest big mountain. A park lover’s paradise.


 Quick Stats

Summit Elevation: 3,600ft
Vertical Drop: 1,900ft
True up Vertical Descent*: 1,647ft
Skiable Acreage: 589 acres
Snowmaking Coverage: 80%
Total Trails: 85
Terrain Parks: 12
Glades: 150 Acres
Total Lifts: 20
Longest Run: 3.1 miles
Popular Trail: Beartrap
Bonus: Carinthia is home to 18 ft walls and the only all park mountain face on the east coast.

Gore Mountain

Gore Mountain offers 500 acres of trails on 4 mountain peaks, 100 acres of which is dedicated to the glades and 95% snowmaking coverage.


Quick Stats

Summit Elevation: 3,600ft

Vertical Drop: 2,537ft

True up Vertical Descent*: 2,100ft

Snowmaking Coverage: 95%

Glades: 100 acres

Total Trails: 116

Snowshoe/Cross-Country Trails: 9

Glades Trails: 27

Total Lifts: 15

Longest Run: 4.4 miles

Snow Tubing: 7 lanes

Popular Scenic Trail: The Clouds

Popular Glade: Otter Slide, our favorite: Barkeater Glades

Bonus: Stop for a Mid Peak après skis/coffee at 3,200ft and for a gorgeous view of the Adirondacks & Vermont.

Whiteface Mountain

Whiteface Mountain is the mountain you fly out west to ride. With 500 acres of trails, the highest vertical drop in the east and 95% snowmaking coverage.


 Quick Stats

Summit Elevation: 4,867ft
Vertical Drop: 3,430ft
True up Vertical Descent*: 3,216ft
Snowmaking Coverage: 95%
Total Trails: 87
Glades: 53 Acres
Snowshoe/Cross-Country Trails:
Glades Trails:
Total Lifts: 11
Longest Run: 2.1 miles
Cross-Country Skiing: 30 miles
Popular Glades: Silverton Glade
Popular Trail: The Wilmington Trail
Bonus: 35 acres of in-bounds, off-piste double-black diamond wilderness terrain skiing on The Slides (conditions permitting).
Lake Placid: Bobsled, Ice Luge & Olympic Jump Complex

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