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Frequently Asked Questions

***COVID*** As of now, we are only running private trips. We have no public trips scheduled. The mountains have not given us permission for full season bus access due to Covid restrictions. Once we receive full access, we will begin trips. ***COVID***

I would like to upgrade/downgrade my package.
I would like to reschedule my trip.
I missed the bus, what now?
What is your cancellation policy?
The bus sold out before I got a chance to buy a ticket; can I show up at the pick up location and hope for the best?
So how do I get my lift ticket?
Is there an age restriction to get on the bus?
I made it on my own to the mountain; can I get a ride back to NYC?
What if I only need a one-way ride to a mountain or from a mountain?
I am staying overnight, can I use my round trip ticket to go up there one day and use the return portion to return another day?
Can I stay there overnight and come back the another day with you guys?
What time do we get back home?
What time do you leave the mountain?
Are there any stops on the way back?
Are there any stops on the way up?
What time does the bus depart in the morning?
What type of buses do you use?
Whiteface? I have sort of heard about it. Where is it & what is it like?
Gore Mountain? I have never heard of it. Where is it & what is it like?
What mountains are you going to?

We bring you to Hunter Mountain, Mountain Creek & Windham. We will not be running busses for Gore Mountain, Whiteface & Mt. Snow for the remainder of the season.